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About Us!

Hello! Thank you for visiting our "about page". My name is Kelly and I’m the Founder of Petite Princess Box. I just want to take a minute to say ‘hello’ and properly welcome you to the Petite Princess Castle.

I have been working within a kindergarten class for the past two years, and that is how I decided to create the Petite Princess Box.

Working in an environment with 4 year olds becomes quite interesting. I can't express how imaginative they are and how interested little girls were with all things princess, glitter and hair braiding. It all started when one day a little girl wore a small tiara to school. All the other girls wanted to try this tiara on and pretend like they were a princess. Watching each girl try on the tiara was magical, as each of their faces lit up in awe as they all ran to the bathroom mirror to see how it looked. All day the girls would pass around this tiny tiara and take turns playing "pretend" princess. It was amazing how one small hair accessory allowed for this dose of imagination, confidence and excitement. 


There is an importance to imagination, as child-development experts are recognizing the role it plays in cognitive development. The Petite Princess Box is not only a fashion statement to every outfit, but there is a hidden magical element to having that princess tiara in each box. Every box of ours has its own princess theme to it, having each Petite Princess open her box every month to only create a new princess story that corresponds to the theme of each month. 

So here I am today...
On a mission to provide a box of fashion driven accessories but also having every box create a new sense of imagination with a different theme each month. 

Because every girl deserves to feel like a princess.

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