A Monthly Subscription Box For the Princess at Heart 

A princess themed Accessories box delivered to your Castle doorstep every month 

only $20.00 monthly

4 Accessories  .   Every Month   .   $20.00/Month

Bippity Boppity Boo, your box is waiting for you! 

Join the 100s of princesses who receive a royal surprise every month! 

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How Does The Petite Princess Box Work?

Step 1: Subscribe

Step 2: Receive

Step 3: Enchant

About The Petite Princess Box

The Petite Princess Box is an exciting way to receive unique princess accessories and items for all ages. Every month our Petite Princess Castle sends out monthly princess themed boxes that include 4 princess themed accessories and unique items that arrive right to your castle doorstep!



each Enchanted Pink Box will include: 



  • A different theme each month (ex, mermaid majesty, tea party princess, princess in paris)

  • a mini fairytale card for each themed box 

  • 4-5 accessories and unique princess items to match to theme. 




See why our box fits the needs of every princess

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