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The GRL PWR t-shirt from Petite Princess Box is more than an item of clothing, it’s a powerful statement that we believe in that means girls can be strong when they’re united. GRL PWR is about girls supporting other girls through kindness, positive words, and helpful actions. When you purchase a GRL PWR t-shirt, $2 will go to Because I Am a Girl, a program that helps girls in developing countries to reach their full potential. 


Made with 100% Cotton!


We are a proud partner of @PlanCanada’s Because I
am a Girl initiative, supporting their mission to ensure
that gender equality is achieved in our lifetime. Plan
International affirms that gender equality and the
empowerment of women and girls is a necessary condition
for sustainable development and progress in any thematic
area. They work with women and girls, who are powerful
leaders of change in tackling the root causes of inequality,
reshaping unequal power relationships and addressing
negative social norms in their communities and beyond.


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